Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quote of the day.

It's yet another rainy day in New York City, I'm seriously not feeling this weather and it looks like we will be having rain for the rest of the week. Even though the weather is gross, I will not let it get me down, I will try and be as productive as possible.

I know my manfriend is happy today, he is picking up his "Man Chair", that we picked out on Sunday. I'm actually pretty excited to see how it looks in our place, so that's something to look forward to on this rainy day. We are also going to go get new gym memberships, the gym is close to our apartment so I can get up and train before I go to work in the morning. That is the major perk of dating an athlete, he always pushing and motivates me to be the best me.

Talking about being the best me, today's quote comes from a friend of mine named Tom, he's a triathlete. I saw this quote on his facebook wall and told him right away that I was going to borrow it. He told me he came up with it over a glass of wine. This quote is awesome and told him that I could see it in a Nike ad. It's about choosing to be extraordinary instead of ordinary, it's about taking risks and chances, knowing that it might not always turn out the way you've planned, it can turn out better! It's a great message and I know it's something I try to follow.


What if you had the chance to do something most people can't do? Something that you are passionate about. If it required you to trade comfort for challenge and trade predictability for uncertainty. It's a scary thing, but the bigger the risk - the bigger the reward. God be with me
-Tom M.

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