Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Quote of the day.

Hey there beauties, happy Tuesday! I've been up since 4:00am because of my jet lag but I was rather productive, so I guess that works. I'm so excited for today, I get to pick my manfriend up from the airport this will officially end our Greek chapter. I can't wait to get him in our car Jet and take him to our new apartment, I seriously hope he likes it because I am in utter love with this place, it really has so much charm. I hope this Tuesday brings you only good things, challenge yourself and make the best of it because what's better then doing something extraordinary on a random Tuesday in May. 

Today's quote comes from Eclipse which is part of the Twilight series. When I read this quote all I could do was smile. I couldn't agree more with it's message, we might not know what we want to be, our minds and hearts constantly pulling us in all sorts of directions. This isn't a bad thing, try everything you are interested in, you never want to wake up with a "what if" moment and eventually over time, over all the trying you'll find your path. Remember your path isn't supposed to be a straight shot to the finish line, as much as sometimes we would like that, make it interesting, take those chances, live!


Note: Some people are still after those dreams they've had since they were little and I seriously commend you. ;)

When we were five, they asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up. Our things were answers like astronaut, president, or in my case, princess...When we were ten, they asked us again. We answered - rock star, cowboy, or in my case, gold medalist...But now that we've grown up, they want a more serious answer. Well, how about this...Who the hell knows? This isn't a time to make hard and fast decisions. This is the time to make mistakes. Take the wrong train and get stuck somewhere. Fall in love - a lot. Major in philosophy because there's no way to make a career out of that. Change your mind. Then change it again because nothing is permanent. So make as many mistakes as you can. That way, someday, when they ask again what we want to be...We won't have to guess. We'll know. 


Rach said...

Awww the graduation quote! I can't even remember what I wanted to be when I was a kid, but I really like the person I've turned out to be :)

Meggie said...

That's exactly how I feel!! Thanks for the follow :)


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