Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What's in Your Bag?

My Longchamp bag, contains my life. Since I commute into Manhattan everyday, my bag is always stuffed with the essentials that get me through the day. 

Everything from my mac products (iPad, iPhone), my Nikon D300 (You never know when you're going to have to snap some pictures.), a Starbucks travel mug (Saving money by making coffee at home is pretty sweet!), a fresh pair of Rays, makeup to freshen up throughout the day, magazines, my book of the week and of course an umbrella, because you never no when a summer thunderstorm is going to pop up.

What's in your bag? What are the esstentials that you can't live without?


Abby said...

You are smart to pack an umbrella! I love peeking inside people's purses (through their blogs, haha)

Grace said...

wow, I thought I stuffed my purse with randoms! haha an umbrella? how clever of you ;)

I wish I had your Nikon D300 and I always pack fashion magazines to look at for inspiration!

xo Grace

Eileen Ang said...

Wow your long champ can fit in so much item! Just so amazing... You have just inspired me on items to bring along.

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