Friday, November 5, 2010

Yoga to the people.

I am a huge fan of yoga, I'm actually in the process of getting my yoga teacher certification while I'm here in Athens. It's a great workout for the mind and body. The best part is that you go at your own pace and really listen to your body.

 If you are interested in taking a class and are busy or feeling like you aren't ready to get into a studio, google "Yoga to the People" and try one of their online classes. The classes are great and the instructors are great. There are nine different classes you can choose from and they are very easy to follow. 

If you are ready to try a class, Yoga to the People have various location in New York and San Francisco. The classes are mostly donation based and I'm telling you, you'll leave feeling worked and amazing. 

Once I am back in the States in May, I will be teaching my own yoga classes. I will be doing group sessions and individual sessions as well. My goal is for you to have fun, get a great workout, and leave feeling great physically and mentally. If you are interested and want more info you can email me at



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