Monday, November 8, 2010

Matil checking in.

Yassas (hello in Greek) everybody, it's me Matilda. I know you guys are all counting down the days til I return to New York, but I am having the time of my life here. The people, the food and the nightlife are amazing, I may never come home. Just kidding, I do miss you all very much. 

Hey it's me, Matilda!

I think Meghan misses you guys too, I found her sitting at the kitchen table wearing an Abercrombie plaid, playing some techno from the A&F website and pretending to sign people up for interviews. That girl has issues! You would be happy to know that the people of Greece love Abercrombie and Kyle's teammates are jealous of his t-shrits with the Moose insignia. Maybe Mike Jeffries should look into opening a store over here, hint hint. 

Well I must get going, my new beau Nikos is picking me up for our hot date, I'm thinking gyros. I miss you all and heard that Sylvia is looking good these days. Oh yea and before I forget, a big happy birthday to Dayna, hope you have a great day!

This is Matilda aka Matil aka Tilly aka Til aka I'm better then Sylvia signing off. 

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