Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Twelve days of dresses.

I am loving Urban Outfitters Twelve Days of Dresses campaign, I think it's a really cute twist on the classic song, The Twelve Days of Christmas. 

The twelve dresses that they feature are on trend with this season's glitter and shimmer. I love the variety in the dresses, some more fancy then others, also the prices rage from moderate to pricy. Perfect for all the Holiday parties during the upcoming weeks.

(Pictures courtesy of UrbanOutfitters.com)

My personal favorites that I'll be ordering.

Day 3 the French Dress
 Perfect for my families annual Christmas Tea with Nana. 

Day 6 the Gosling Dress
 Is a perfect dress to ring in the New Year.

Check out all these dresses and many more on UrbanOutfitters.com

Happy Dressing!


Susanne said...

i love #6!

Meggie said...

Isn't it just darling!!! It would be perfect with some black tights and killer heels. :)

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