Monday, November 15, 2010

Meat, Pastries and Magazines.

Yesterday my guy and I got to enjoy a beautiful day in Athens. The weather here has been so amazing, we wanted to take full advantage of it so we decided to walk into our local square and do some exploring. There were so many people out enjoying their Sunday at their favorite cafes. Like I've said before the Greeks are great at socializing, it's really beautiful to see. 

After walking around for an hour taking in the great weather and energy around us, we decided to stop for lunch. There are so many amazing restaurants to pick from but the manfriend has been dying  to try this place called Meat House, so that's where we were headed. The outside of this restaurant looked like an old funky purple and white house. The inside had a more modern twist, from the artwork to the light fixtures this place was really cool and very different from anything I've seen so far in Greece. 

Along with the ambiance being great so was the food. I was blown away by our appetizer, fried mozzarella with honey and sesame.  I was literally speechless after tasting this, which is rare because I can usually never shut up, it was that good. I tried to figure out how I could replicate this dish to make at home, but I doubt it would taste as yummy. We also ordered a bottle of traditional Greek wine and it was delicious and very strong, it complemented our meal perfectly. 

The amazing traditional Greek wine.

Fried Mozzarella with Honey and Sesame, to die for.

I think we liked it.

For the entree I ordered chicken and pork skewers and Kyle went with the kabab. The meat was done to perfection and it was perfect portion size. The staff here was great, the chef even came out to see how we liked everything. The best thing about the restaurants in Greece is that they don't rush you, you can sit and talk for hours without being disturbed. We loved this place and put it on our list of places to take family and friends when they come visit. 

 Kyle's kabab, it looks funny, but tasted great...haha.

My pork and chicken skewers, yummy!

On our way back to the apartment we stumbled across two great finds. First was a magazine stand that actually had English magazines. I jumped for joy when I saw the magazines hiding on the bottom shelf. That has been one of the things I've missed most, reading my monthly issue of Runner's World or Vogue, but now here they were right in front of my face. They also sell USA Today, earlier in the day Kyle was saying how much he misses waking up and reading the newspaper every morning, well his prayers have been answered. 

Yay for magazines in English!

After spending a good 32 Euro on the latest magazines, we were on our way to our Starbucks when the manfriend spotted a bakery called La Strada, he suggested that we get some treats to bring home. There were so many pastries to choose from but all the signs were in Greek so I basically picked what I thought looked the most yummy, which was hard because they all looked amazing. Kyle wanted baklava and the shopgirl helped him pick out the best ones. We were literally racing home to the eat these sweet treats. I can't even begin to tell you how yummy these pastries were, each one had their own unique taste and were equally delicious. I am pretty sure I was in a food coma after eating all of them but I was satisfied and I'm now addicted to baklava. I need to figure out a way to send some back to the states, while keeping it fresh. 

 La Strada bakery, wow were we in for a treat.

My sweet picks.

Kyle's freaking delicious.

I love days like this, days where you really have no set plans. Getting to enjoy a great meal and wine with the person I love. Talking about all the great things that are yet to come, but realizing how great these moments are. Getting giddy over some baklava that sends your manfriend into a fit of laughter, it's things like this in life that I look forward to.

Keep it Simple and Love Life.

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