Wednesday, November 17, 2010

He'll be home for Christmas.

I know it's only November 17th, but I already received the best Christmas gift, my boyfriend will be home in the United States for Christmas. Since he signed with his team in Greece we were worried that he wouldn't get time off for the holidays.

Best time of the year.

We tried our hardest to avoid the subject as best as possible, but as we were getting deeper into November and hadn't heard anything, thoughts drifted to the worst circumstance, he'd be in Greece while I was home with our families. This was something I didn't want to face, but I knew there would be a good possibility that even if he did get a few days off, it wouldn't be enough to fly home and back for Christmas. So we each kept a brave face but were both thinking the same thing. 

Yesterday, Kyle was very uneasy about the situation, bringing it up at lunch and I said, "Let's just think positive and in a perfect world I will be picking you up at JFK in a few weeks, and if not it's just another day."But he and I both knew it wasn't just another day, it was Christmas and it's a time to be with the people you love, not thousands of miles away by yourself. I told him we shouldn't talk about it anymore until his coach makes the announcement, but Kyle had other plans. 

When he arrived at practice he asked one of the assistant coaches if they would have time off, enough time to go home, his coach said he would ask and let him know soon. After practice as Kyle was getting ready to leave he received the verdict, you will be able to go home from December 20th to the 27th. What a treat, Kyle hadn't been home for that long around the holidays in six years. 

He raced back to the apartment, anxious to tell me the news. When he came in, he blew past me and rushed to the computer. I followed him to the bedroom and asked if everything was ok, he said everything was fine. All of a sudden I hear Frank Sinatra singing, I'll be Home for Christmas. My ditzy self didn't get it at first, then when I saw the title on youtube, I tackled the poor guy. This was the best news ever, I couldn't help but cry.

Last night I realized what's most important to me, it's family. Christmas might be just another day and yeah sometimes we get stressed about presents and all of that, but nothing is better then being with your family during this time of year. Being together and sharing in the memories of another year is something I find truly special and I am so lucky to be able to have everyone I love around me this year, I know it's not always going to be the case, so I will take full advantage.

Kyle and I Christmas 2008 

Love and Light. 

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