Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'll have the gelato.

I know it's pretty cold back home in New York, but here in Greece I am enjoying the seventy degree weather. Last night my boyfriend and I decided since it was such a beautiful night that we would walk to the town square to grab some dessert. 

The square is beautiful at night with all the restaurants and cafes lit up, it's so nice just to walk around and take it all in but I did have dessert on the brain. I have a slight problem when it comes to making decisions, especially when it;s involving food, and most especially when it involves dessert I can never make up my mind. Every place we walked by my boyfriend would ask, "how about here?", and I would contemplate and keep walking. First I wanted espresso and a treat, then I wanted to go to the Haagen Daz shop,  followed by thinking that I wanted a crepe, but in the end we decided on gelato. 

We found this little gelato stand right outside the square. The varieties of gelato looked so delicious, I didn't know which flavor to go with, eventually after weighing all my options I decided to go with two flavors, the butterscotch and the snickers. We found a spot to sit in the square and I was ready to devour this sweet bit of heaven. 

Just looking at this makes me want more.

The butterscotch gelato was so rich and creamy, the butterscotch was oozing out. The snickers was so delicious and equally rich in flavor. There was no way I was going to be able to finish, that's what my boyfriend is there for, he makes sure I don't waste any food by finishing everything I don't. 

Having my Eat.Pray.Love gelato moment. 

I was happy we decided on the gelato. I realize that it is the little moments like enjoying dessert in a foreign city with the person you love, that are the moments you shouldn't take for granted. I know it is a minuscule event but it's all the little things that make life a sweeter one. 

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