Monday, August 22, 2011

Quote of the day.

Happy Monday Beauties, hope your weekend was wonderful. My weekend of no set plans turned out to be a busy one, full of fun. Now it's back to the weekly grind, until next weekend, at least it's a beautiful day here in New York City, a nice change from the rainy weather we've been having. Be the best you this week, you owe it to yourself, step out of your weekly comfort zone and try something new. 

Yesterday would have been my Half Ironman debut in New Hampshire, and even though I was a little bummed that I bowed out, I knew it was the right thing to do in retrospect. I wasn't ready to conquer such a beast and felt I would be slighting the sport and it's athletes if I attempted the event half prepared. I don't know when I'll do my first Half Ironman, all I do know is that when I do, I'll go in knowing no matter if I finish or not, that I was prepared. So congrats to all the triathletes that competed in the Timberman 70.3 yesterday, you are all bad ass and I admire your strength, courage and beastliness. 

One week down and a short Nine weeks to go until I'm in France with my Manfriend. Who am I kidding nine weeks isn't that short but I am trying to remain as positive as possible. I have a lot to focus on here in New York the next two months, so hopefully that will help pass the time until I'm in the arms of my love, I miss him terribly. 

Today's quote comes from an Unknown Author and I thought it was a great quot to start the week off. On your journey to becoming to best you that you can be, you are going to come up against obstacles and challenges that might be a little scary. Don't be afraid to try, to risk, to dream and explore. You aren't always going to succeed but life is about experience, so take that chance. Come from a place of "yes" rather then a place of "I can't", your life will be a lot more fulfilling.

Enjoy and Conquer!

Be afraid not to try. 
-Unknown Author
Don't be afraid to fail.

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