Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pinteresting Finds and DIY

My obsession with Pinterest continues, here are some of my Pinteresting finds this week. If you aren't already on Pinterest, what are you waiting for? Be addicted with me!

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Enjoy and Happy Pinning!

Home Design Board
Love this for my future Jeans and Tees and Travel and Cakes office. From: bhg.com

 Future Beach House Board
Love the colors of this dining area. From: camillathome.blogspot.com

 Sweet Stuff and Ideas for the Home Board
Memory Mason Jar, Read all your year's memories on New Year's Eve. From: inchmark.squarespace.com

Stuff I Love, Love Love Board
I want this print for my manfriend. From: esty.com

I want this PUPPY, mini goldendoodle. From google.com

 Foodie Fun Board
Caramel Frappuccino Cupcakes, yummy! From: pixiecrust.blogspot.com

 Desired Destinations Board
County Cork, Ireland. From: sunsurfer.tumblr.com

 Quotes I Dig Board
This is why I run. From:tumblrgym.tumblr.com

 Fashions I Love/ Beauty Board
I love this whole look. From:prettylittlewildfox.tumblr.com


Yesterday on my day off I tested out my DIY skills and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with how my crafts turned out. I got both of my DIY ideas from Pinterest, which assured me that I am not wasting my time browsing pin board after pin board. I wanted to make the manfriend's and my apartment more homey, and I found that both of these DIY projects did the trick.

Here are my Pinterest inspirations below, followed by my own creations. DIY are so much fun and most of the time they are very affordable. In total, my DIY creations cost $34 dollars, and it was the best $34 I've spent in a long time, thank you Michaels craft store.

Pinterest Inspiration
Loved the idea of this wall hanging in our bedroom.

My DIY Creation
Step ONE:
Hang Frame with no back. Got this one on sale at Michaels for $8.00, sweet deal.
 Step TWO:
Paint Letters, and place them with wall tape, inside the frame.
 Step THREE:
Don't forget the "&".
 Step FOUR:
I added twinkle lights for a better result, this is the end product.

Pinterest Inspiration
These are the things I love the most, I really wanted this print. Instead of buying, I decided to make something similar.

My DIY Creation

Step One:

Paint blank canvas, Michaels had a great deal, buy one get one free.

Step TWO:
Let paint dry, stencil letters and you are all set.

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Lemon said...

lovely things you've collected in this post! I *LOVE* the words in the frame idea! stealing it :)

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