Monday, August 8, 2011

Instagram'ed Vacation.

With the recent purchase of my new iPhone4 I couldn't wait to test out the camera apps. Instagram was by far my favorite and I used it throughout my week long vacation with my family in Long Beach Island, New Jersey. Here's a little look inside my family vacation through the Instagram lens. 

By the way, if anyone has any other cool camera apps to suggest, please feel free!! 

Waited all year for this.

The Manfriend and I.

Beach Reads.

View from my window.

Life is better on the beach.

Stoop Drink...My new favorite.

Will all tuckered out.

Such an amazing read, post to come.


So have no fear, just know that
Life is but a beach chair.

A refreshing Gin and Tonic.

Watching the sunrise from my bedroom.

Captain Kyle Sparrow.

Hudson House Bar.

Going "underlining" crazy with my book.

Love this. 

Got a great laugh with this one.

Words of Truth.

 Absolutely Love!

Beach in the morning after a great run.

William Beckett turned One Month Old on our Vacation.

No Starbucks, Wawa Iced Coffee will do. 

My Love and I...We love our RayBans

Myself, My Brother Brendan and My Sister Rebecca "Becky"

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