Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Two Americans in Paris. (Part One.)

This past weekend the manfriend and myself spent a magical two days in Paris. This was my first time visiting Paris and I was blown away. I probably said, "This is so cool!", a million times or more, I was that impressed. Visiting Paris was something I've always dreamed of doing but being there and seeing it, was more then a dream come true.

We took the train from Limoges to the Paris, Austerlitz Station, it was a short three hour trip, and we enjoyed the French countryside along the way. Kyle booked our stay at, The Opal, which is a boutique hotel owned by Best Western. When we arrived in Paris we hopped in a cab and headed towards our hotel. I felt like a kid on Christmas during the ride from the train station to hotel, I couldn't believe what I was seeing as we drove along the Seine river, my heart was melting.

Our hotel was clean, quaint and had that French feel we were desiring, but to be honest we didn't care to much about the hotel, it would literally just be a place to sleep, we wanted to hit the streets and explore Paris.

While planning our trip to Paris, we were trying to figure out what we would see and do in the 36 hours we'd have. Many friends suggested tours but we decided since we would only be here for a short stay that we explore on our own, heading off the beaten path a bit. I'm so happy we did what we did because we ended up seeing pretty much all the major sights along with so many other cool finds.

Below is a photo diary of our first day in Paris. Day one consisted of us finding an amazing café off the Champs Eylsees, walking up the Champs Eylsees, seeing L'arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower (amazing), stopping at another sidewalk café for a cappuccino, finding a Starbucks (not very French but I needed a long overdue fix), seeing Paris at night (even more amazing), dinner in the Saint Germaine district, finding Irish Pub and enjoying a few Shandies, and ending the night at another sidewalk café for a nightcap.

Enjoy the pictures and come back tomorrow for, Two Americans in Paris Part Deux.


Chelsea said...

My own "manfriend" and I will soon be going to Paris, for part of our honeymoon and I am super excited! We are also not big on taking tours, so I am glad to hear that you had an amazing time, without a guide and group and all that other stuff! xoxo

Meggie said...

You are going to love it! What a wonderful place to spend part of your honeymoon. It's a great walking city and all the major sights are pretty close to each other. I really enjoyed how we did it.

Thanks for reading!

:) Meggie

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