Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Hey there Loves, Happy Wednesday! To all my family back home in the States, Happy Thanksgiving Eve, one of the biggest party days of year, I hope you all enjoy and please be safe. It's so crazy that the Holidays are upon us, makes me so excited! Even though Thanksgiving is tomorrow because we are in France and Kyle's practice schedule we will be celebrating our own little Thanksgiving on Sunday. I figured I'd DVR the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and play it Sunday to keep things festive, haha.

Today is a day I've been waiting for for the last two years! Over the last two years I've been begging and pleading my case to Kyle on why we should get a dog. I believed it would be the perfect companion for us while living abroad. Well I guess I stated a good case or he just got sick of hearing me beg, (most likely the latter) because today we are driving 45 minutes outside Limoges and picking up our puppy, a golden retriever named Wooden. I am so excited to pick him up, he's going to be the perfect addition to our little clan. I'll be sure to post some pictures of the little dude.

I've been working on a little project over the last month, you may have noticed a new addition to the Jeans and Tees and Travel and Cakes sidebar, a link called Project Run. Check it out it's something that I've wanted to do for awhile now and figured this would be the perfect year to give it a go. If you are a runner or an athlete in general Project Run shares some helpful insight on the world of fitness. I hope you enjoy and there will be much, much more to come.

Here's the link...Project Run

The quote I'm going to share with you today is not so much a quote but more of a personal challenge. This morning while skimming through my news feed on Facebook, which has become a daily ritual, waking up to see what my family and friends were doing while I was asleep six hours ahead of them in France, I stumbled upon a wise statement from my awesome Uncle Kevin. Since he was kind enough to share these words with his Facebook family, I thought I'd pay it forward and share them with you.

Choose your own path.

We all have this perfect picture of how are life will unfold. It might not go perfectly, but why shouldn't it go in the direction you'd like it to go. This blog's motto tells you that your life is a journey and only you hold the map. This couldn't be any truer. Go after what you want, do it right, work hard and respect the process, make your story better. I believe in you.


There is a narrative to each of our lives. Who can tell the story better then each of us? Imagine the best story you can and make it your own!
- Thanks to Kevin Enderes for these wise words.


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