Monday, November 14, 2011

Do Your Best.

Hey there loves, Happy Monday! Make it a great week for yourself, be extraordinary. I hope each of you had a wonderful weekend. I enjoyed a great weekend with my love. On Saturday, I got to watch the manfriend play his butt off in his game. His team Limoges CSP captured another victory, which puts them into first place, so exciting for them and definitely fun to watch.

Yesterday, I went for my first run in France. It's been three weeks since my last run and I was going through some withdrawals. I  desperately needed to reconnect with my sport, so I laced up my Nike Frees, hopped in the car with the manfriend who drove me to the nearest park. I was so happy I went for this run, it certainly wasn't my best run, my fastest nor my longest, but it helped me refocus my thoughts and get my mind right for the marathon training I am about to start shortly. The park I ran in was beautiful, it reminded me in a lot of ways of the park back home in New York that I would run in daily. I am so happy to know that I have this park at my fingertips during my stay in Limoges, it will definitely get me marathon ready for Paris this April.

When the manfriend and I got back to the apartment after my run, we got the best news. Our breeder finally sent us a picture of our puppy. We've seen pictures of the litter but never a solo shot, so it always had us wondering who our little dude was. I am so happy to introduce all of you to the newest member of our little family and finally tell you his name, which I have been keeping hush-hush for the past two months.

Drum roll please...Here is our puppy, Wooden aka Going for Gold de Hareswith. (That's the official name the breeder gave him, very fitting might I add.) Wooden is named after the late, great  and extremely wise basketball coach, John Wooden. We figured since this is our first puppy together and we will most certainly get another one or two, we wanted him to be the wise one. The breeder informed us, that this is one little laid back puppy, which is exactly what we were hoping for. We pick him up in a week, so for the next seven days I will probably look at this picture over and over again. You'll see a lot more of Wooden on Jeans and Tees and Travel and Cakes, as he is going to be a big part of our lives.

Wooden aka Going for Gold de Hareswith.

Since it was such a beautiful day yesterday and my guy had the day off, we took a drive through the French Countryside, and visited with our good friend Ryan who lives about an hour away. It was such a beautiful drive, I was looking at scenery I've only seen in movies and here I am in our little car taking it all in. We arrived at Ryan's and walked around the quaint little city of Perigueux. Ryan who also plays ball, had practice so the manfriend and I found an Irish Pub (as usual) and waited for Ryan so we could grab some dinner with him.

While in the pub, enjoying good conversation and a very refreshing Stella Artois, I had a very surreal moment. I couldn't believe that here I am, with the love of my life, sitting in an Irish Pub, in a small town in France. I never ever imagined this would be my life, and even though it gets hard sometimes, mainly being away from family,  (I am quite the homebody.) I wouldn't trade this life for any other. 

The manfriend and I have been tested and challenged over and over again in this relationship, but now I can finally say we are where we need to be, together. We've both realized this over those two horrible months spent apart leading up to my arrival in France. I think we always knew that we wanted to be together in that forever kind of way, but that is something that is hard to admit, I know it's hard for a guy to admit but girls deal with there own reservations with the term "forever". I feel we both grew over those two months, we realized what we both so desperately wanted and that was each other, to be together, living, being able to experience things together. And last night as I sat in the bar, looking across the table at a man who felt the same way as I did, about us and our future, I took a sip of my beer and  I was happy, this is where I am supposed to be, in this little pub, in this small town, in a country where I don't speak the language, away from my family, I am whole.

Today I am going to share a quote from John Wooden, I guess I have Wooden on the brain. John Wooden, wasn't just a legendary  basketball coach, he was an extremely wise man, who had a fantastic outlook on life. His words would become known as "Woodenisms", words that definitely motivate and can help you on your path to becoming the best you. This quote in particular is one of my favorite "Woodenisms", because this is something I hope to one day achieve.

We are all in search of becoming what we've always dreamed of, that perfect, balanced version of ourself. This isn't easy, it is constant work but I believe it can be achieved. You have to just go for it, take chances, and risks, believe in yourself. You deserve success for no one else but yourself. I believe in you.


Success is peace of mind in knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of 
-John Wooden 

I am also leaving with you, a poem from John Wooden that was used for a Gatorade commercial. I absolutely love its message. Have a great Monday!

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