Monday, November 28, 2011

Be Present.

Happy Monday Beauties, I hope you all had a great weekend and for my loves in the States, I hope your Holiday weekend was amazing. It's a beautifully crisp Monday here in Limoges, I am looking forward to getting in a nice run at the park today, taking advantage of the weather before it gets to cold, be sure to check out Project Run  for my latest workouts.

This weekend the manfriend and I , along with our puppy enjoyed our own little version of Thanksgiving on Sunday. It's hard being away from family during the holidays, so we've made it a point to celebrate no matter where we are in the world, it has become very comforting . It was an awesome day filled with yummy food, which I have to say I am pretty proud of myself for preparing a delicious feast for Kyle and I. We also enjoyed some wonderful French wine and champagne, for dessert Kyle picked out some amazing pastries from the bakery next door. It was a great day, enjoying the simple things like a good meal, great conversation, tasty wine, Christmas music playing in the background, and Wooden at our feet, life is good.

Over dinner were talking about how sometimes it's hard to live in the present moment while being away from family. Kyle and I happen to be very big home bodies, so we are constantly thinking about when is the next time you are going to see our family, what's going on back home and what we are missing while away. But for the first time being overseas Kyle and I feel content, we are living here, together and we are living well, enjoying life and the little things that make it even better. It wasn't easy getting to this point and I know there will be days when we wish we were home with the families we love so much, but we've realized, that this part of our lives will be over in flash and will make us appreciate our families even more when we eventually do settle down back home. It's about focusing on now and this present moment, taking advantage of opportunities that we've been giving by living overseas and being thankful for those opportunities.

All this talk about living in the present brings me to the quote I am going to share with you today. It comes from Henry David Thoreau, an American poet and philosopher. This quote shows us why it is so important to live in the present moment. I say, stop worrying about the past, it's done, think about your future but concentrate on the present moment, those moments will help you on your way to becoming the best you.


You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land, there is no other life but this.
-Henry David Thoreau

Here are some pictures from the weekend.


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