Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Two American in Paris. (Part Two)

Yesterday I shared with you our  first day in Paris. You can check it out here if you missed it, Two Americans in Paris. (Part One). It was a wonderful first day and I was nervous that our second day in the city wasn't going to be as fun, well I was definitely stupid for thinking that. Our second day in Paris was amazing and solidified how freaking awesome this city is.

What's so amazing about Paris for me at least is how much it is like my home, New York, which was such a great feeling since I'm so far away from my home. It's great knowing that this city is such a quick train ride away. The manfriend and I are already planning our next trip up to the City of Lights.

Just like our first day in Paris, our second day was packed full of amazing sights. In the picture diary below you'll see all we explored on this beautiful Sunday in Paris. Our exploring included, enjoying a delicious breakfast at a sidewalk cafe`, seeing the Notre Dame Cathedral (this sight gave me goosebumps), the Love-Locks on the bridges over the Seine,  walking the streets of the Latin Quater and Saint Germain District, seeing the famous Shakespeare Bookstore, The Louvre, enjoying some yummy crepes and wine, and stopping by Laduree which is a famous macaroon spot in Paris.

I recommend a visit to Paris to anyone and everyone, it's definitely a place to put on your Bucket List of places to see, and I am so happy I can cross it off mine. I know when we make a return trip to Paris, hopefully around Christmas time when the city is really lit up , we'll see even more amazing things.

Enjoy Paris through my lens!

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