Tuesday, November 22, 2011


This past weekend the manfriend Kyle and I hopped on a train and headed to Bordeaux.  Bordeaux is one of the larger cities in France and is greatly known for it's wine. Since Kyle and I love a good glass of wine we figured this would be the perfect place to visit and enjoy our weekend. The city is located along the Garonne River, which for Americans the city would greatly remind you of Chicago, since Kyle and I love Chicago we quickly fell in love with Bordeaux.

Bordeaux is the perfect city for walking, and we did plenty of it, taking in the beautiful architecture, making our way over to the the river and walking along the vast promenade, this city really has a lot of charm. We did enjoy a few bottles of wine as well, we figured when in Bordeaux do what the Bordelais do. (I'm sorry that I am corny at time.) I believe our best discovery in Bordeaux was a restaurant along the Garonne called Les Docks, the food was to die for and perfect for the mild November weather we got to enjoy. I highly recommend visiting Bordeaux if you are in the area, it's a great city with tons to offer, I can't wait to go back. 

I love exploring a new city, taking in the views and seeing how the culture is, I  also really love doing it on foot. Kyle and I have decided that that is the best way to really get a feel for the city you are visiting. Our favorite time to walk around a new city is Sunday morning, this is when most of the tourists are still asleep and you see the locals out doing their everyday thing, to me it's really a beautiful thing to see.

Happy Travels,

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