Thursday, November 17, 2011

Letter to Santa aka Kyle's Cheat Sheet

Thanksgiving is next week, which only means two things my birthday is in three weeks and Christmas is close to a month away. Well to be honest, I'd prefer to skip the whole birthday thing and not acknowledge that I am in fact going to be 26 years old but I know that isn't going to happen. I do enjoy Christmas however, I love all the festivities and much rather give gifts then receive them  but the last couple of days my manfriend has been asking me what I would like for Christmas.

I did the usual girl thing to do, I said, "Babe I don't need anything, I have you." The manfriend knowing fully that was a big lie, but I truly hadn't thought about what I wanted. Truthfully, I like to buy things for myself, that's the independent woman in me. But since he asked and the poor guy gets stuck with my birthday and Christmas falling within weeks of each other, I decided to be a helpful girlfriend and make a tiny tiny list of some perspective gifts I might have be lusting after. (hint, hint!)

 Last year I comprised a small list that you can check out here, Dear Santa! Looking back on this list, I gotta say the manfriend did well. Please note that I didn't expect everything on this list and I do not expect everything off of my new list. These are just some items that have caught my eye over the last year and perhaps made my heart skip a beat or two, that's the fashion junkie in me.

Dear Santa

Dear Santa by meggie23x featuring ballerina shoes

Letter to Santa aka Kyle's Cheat Sheet

For The Athlete in Me:

1. Travel Yoga Mat
2. Nike GPS Watch

For The Geek in Me:

3. Nikon Additional Flash for My Camera
4. MacBook Pro for My Blogging

For The Fashionista in Me:

5. Dior Cherie Perfume
6. Michael Kors Watch in Silver
7. Tory Burch Flats
8. Monogramed Longchamp Bag in Navy Blue

For The Romantic in Me:

9. Anything in a Little Blue Box
10. A Puppy (already got this gift and that's really all I need.)

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