Thursday, January 12, 2012

No day like today.

Wow, Thursday already? This week seems to be flying by, it is yet another beautiful day in Limoges. I'm enjoying a yummy cup of home brewed Starbucks coffee, I have Wooden curled up next to me and I'm watching the news from New York via Slingbox. Kyle is on the road for the next two days, his game is in Southern France tomorrow night and he left early this morning. I'm not going to lie, I hate when he's on the road but thank god for Wooden who keeps me company, so it's not to bad.I hope you have a happy Thursday, it's almost the weekend, so just power through and end the week on a strong note.

Yesterday I enjoyed a great yoga session, using one of the new travel mats Kyle got me for Christmas. For me, yoga is the perfect cross training workout for my marathon training, it relaxes me but it's also intense, so I leave the workout feeling satisfied. Doing yoga makes me so excited to teach when I'm home in New York this summer. While I was home in December I taught some private yoga classes and made me more confident that this is what I really want to do.

This morning I was looking over my posts from January 2011, particularly 2011 Please Be Kind, which talks about the year ahead and the things I wished to accomplish. I was so happy that I looked at that post because I saw what I did indeed accomplish and what I still need to tackle, the good thing was that there were more things completed then not, which made me feel good and motivated to start compiling a list of goals for 2012.

I think it's important to have goals for yourself, even if they seem a little out of reach, as long as you are moving forward in a positive direction, I say go for it, just don't put extreme amounts of pressure on yourself to achieve them, it's supposed to be a fun journey. For example, last year I had a goal to finish a half ironman, which consists of swimming 1.2 miles, biking 56 miles and running a half marathon which is a distance of 13.1 miles, for a grand total of 70.3 miles.  I thought I'd be able to compete in such a beast of a race, but my thoughts turned out to be a little premature. I registered for a half ironman in New Hampshire in late August, and even though I was training, I didn't feel I could tackle such a race, not just yet, so I pulled out. Even though it was really crappy to drop out of the race, I tried to pull out some positives and the main one was learning that I could now swim a mile with ease, so something good came out of that goal. I've learned that you may not always succeed, but as long as you remain positive and surround yourself with people who are also positive and believe in you, anything can happen.

With that being said here are just a few of My Goals for 2012.

Paris Marathon: It's been a long time goal of mine to run a race internationally, and I have to say, there is no time like the present to do so. My boyfriend Kyle and I are living in France, so it was a no brainer when I decided to register for the Paris Marathon this April. I'm so excited for this race, my training in underway and I plan on running a good time, maybe even a Boston Qualifier (haha). My sister is coming from the States to cheer me on, which is only going to make this experience even better.

Learn conversational French: This is a biggie for me, I absolutely hate being out in public in France and not having a clue how to speak the language. I have made it a big goal of mine to dive into the language and learn it. I am hoping that by June, 2012 I'll be more fluent in the basics of this beautiful language.

Master the art of cooking: funny goal to some, but for me coming from a family of great cooks and bakers, I'm a little intimidated when it comes to the kitchen. Thank the Lord for Kyle, who always insists I'm way better then I think and that I don't give myself enough credit. So my goal for 2012, is to take all the cookbooks my brother and sister gave me and actually use them. This is a fun challenge and goes hand in hand with learning French because when I go to the market to buy ingredients for meals I have no clue what anything is besides the obvious because I can't read the labels, no one wants to confuse sugar with salt, been there done that, yes I would call myself an idiot. (In some cases!)

Make this site a hit: Last year one of my goals was to make this site better and I took the necessary steps to do so. I hired a designer to revamp Jeans and Tees and Travel and Cakes, now the site is more fluid and you can navigate easier. This year I want to make J.T.T.C a hit, which will be no one else's work but my own. Viewership has increased, which is awesome but I know it could be even better, so I promise better posts and adventures in 2012, because I want you coming back day in and day out.

Be a business man(woman): As I mentioned earlier in this post, I'm in love with teaching yoga, I plan on taking that love for teaching and doing something with it. Even if I don't own my own studio, I've learned that you can basically do yoga anywhere as long as you have room for your mat. This year I'm focusing on establishing a steady client base, whether it's for group yoga instruction or private, I just want to give others the gift of a great yoga class, which will leave you feeling refreshed, worked and amazing.

So there you have it, some of my goals for the upcoming year. Now go out and set your own goals, there is no better time to do so.


Josephine & John said...

Happy New Year Meg! I am sure you will do just fine with your list <3 All the best! Mrs. P.

Dana said...

Loved this post Meg! Whenever we're both home around the same time I'll definitely be calling about some yoga sessions :-) I love it so far!

Meggie said...

Thanks Mrs. P <3 You are the sweetest!!!

Dana, defintiely let me know when you are home and we will get some yoga in. I hoped you and the girls enjoyed it. xoxox

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