Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Favorites.

Here are some of the things that helped make this week a little better, a little sweeter and I also share with you some of the things I absolutely despised this week. Have a great weekend and remember, Make It Count!
I am currently craving some Hub51 food! Hub51 is in Chicago and as a foodie I can say, this has been some of the best food I have ever had the pleasure of eating. You can read more about Hub51 Here and Here

My attempt on the Spanglish sandwich, for the recipe check out my sister's amazing food blog, Before Dessert!!!

Notre Dame Men's Basketball beating #1 Ranked Syracuse (YUCK) at Home and then beating Seton Hall on the Road. Go IRISH!!!
I made some chocolate chip cookies and enjoyed them with delicious Baileys, sweet dessert.
Wooden kinda loves food.
Marisa Miller's Abs which has me doing my own ab experiment.
This has been the best coffee I've had in France from La Bibliotheque in Limoges, so yummy!

Here is one of the new tricks I taught Wooden, he's so smart or just really loves treats. 

Color for the week, O.P.I Thanks a Windmilliom (greenish/blue) with O.P.I for Sephora Wild About Shimmer.

My Thursday Throwback on Instagram, this was the first night Kyle and I met, April 2008. Such a great night and it's only gotten better. 

This can't be real!!! I can not wait to see what this is all about on Superbowl Sunday. Ferris Bueller holds a special place in my heart because of the constant reference I get from that movie. See picture below. 

If I've heard it once, I've heard it a thousand times and usually by random people in Starbucks, "Hey has anyone ever told you that you look like Sloan from Ferris Bueller's Day Off?" Now all I do is laugh, I think it's the Wayfarer sunglasses that do it or maybe I'm trapped in the 80's, who knows!

Things I despise at the moment. (It's actually only one thing.)

Fake Kyle! There is a weirdo on Facebook with a Kyle McAlarney Facebook page. Here he claims he's a fan but posts things as if he is Kyle, crazy! We've asked numerous times because we actually know who this little weirdo is if he could please remove the page but he has still failed to do so. We've also reported it to Facebook and we've had friends report it because he is technically preforming identity theft every time he posts something as if Kyle is saying it and yet Facebook still hasn't taken it down. Our next step would be to get the authorities involved which we would like to avoid but if that's what he have to do then so be it. 

So basically this is just really annoying! 
If any of you know how we can get it removed it would be much appreciated. Or you can help us out by visiting the Fake Kyle's page and report it. Here's the link Fake Kyle the Crazy

Oh and for the record, Kyle would never pick that picture for his profile. (haha) 

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Anonymous said...

You have some great favorites, Meggie! I am a fan of a lot of it : ) Also, that is so wierd about the fake facebook page! I went ahead and reported it, too. I hope it gets resolved, thats so awkward that he updates the status the way he does! he abuses the idea of a "fan page" just terrible! I hope it gets resolved, because it IS creepy!

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