Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Favorites.

I'm wishing you all an amazing weekend full of fun. Enjoy this week's installment of "Friday Favorites"!

It's no Starbucks, but this cappuccino from a local Limoges Cafe' will do for now.  I love how they toast some chocolate on top. 

This is so accurate for all my fellow New Yorkers. My favorite line, "Where's the train? Where's the train?" Which is a line I use every time I'm in the subway, my brother would concur. 

The three things from the United States that I've daydreamed about all week.  1.Skinnygirl Margarita/Sangria 2. Long Beach Island and 3.A Triple Grande Skim Extra Caramel Caramel Macchiato made by Gus the Barista.

Since living overseas I've mastered the art of doing my own nails and have become quite obsessed with polish.  Hey, it saves me some money. 

UrbanOutfitters "Cocktail" along with O.P.I "Only Gold For Me"

O.P.I "I Have a Herring Problem" (dark blue) along with O.P.I "I Want To Be A-Lone" (light blue)

Wooden and his chubby face, my heart melts every time I see this picture.

William Beckett and my sister Becky at Will's Baptism, how cute is this baby!

Some French Toast I whipped up with some French Bread we had, keyword "French". It was yummy.
I know I shouldn't but this is such a guilty pleasure. Mob Wives, I love hearing their Staten Island accents! So classy, haha! She's not featured in this picture but Big Ang is my absolute favorite. 

Must always walk Wooden in style, since he is such a looker already.  

Loving the flowers that Kyle and I sent my mom for her birthday, the florist did a beautiful job. 

I was feeling homesick yesterday and this face cheered me right up!
Most of these photos were taken with my iPhone4, with the exception of a few that were taken with my NikonD3000, you can follow my adventures through pictures via Instagram by clicking the camera link on the top right hand side of the page or doing so through you Instagram app. 

Avoir un grand weekend!

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