Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Favorites.

Welcome to Friday Favorites! This is the start of a new weekly post, where I will show you some of my current favorite things, in no particular order.

Have a great weekend! I'm sending tons of love to my nephew William Beckett who is being baptized this weekend, I'm so sad I can't be there but my heart is there always.

Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge will always be one of my favorites.  Here she is  at the British Premier of War Horse, part of her 30th Birthday Celebration looking stunning as usual.  
My goofy puppy, Wooden. Here he is trying to get up on his couch, he gave up halfway through and found this was comfortable position. This picture was taken on instagram, follow me @megmccarrick. 
Top 5 CSP - Evreux from LIMOGES CSP on Vimeo. Kyle my awesome manfriend had the #1 play for CSP against Evreux. I'm proud as always. 

I am now a member of the Wives/Girlfriends Association "Love and Basketball".  I always disliked the term WAG and feel that I'm more then just a girlfriend of a professional athlete. This association has been so helpful, answering many questions I have while living overseas, also I'm not the only one who feels homesick and that there are many other "WAG's" that are strong, independent women. 
My nephews; Jack Tucker, William Beckett and Benjamin Scout. This picture was taken over the Holidays, while I'm overseas I miss these little guys so much.
My Nike Free Sneakers, these shoes will help me through my marathon training. 

I know Christmas is over but I love Starbucks Christmas Blend and I'm currently enjoying a cup.

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