Thursday, January 19, 2012

Make it count.

Hey there my beautiful Jeans and Tees and Travel and Cakes readers, Happy Thursday! It's a rainy day here in Limoges, France but that doesn't mean I plan on being lazy. Right now I'm enjoying one of my itunes playlists, really, really enjoying this delicious cup of coffee in my hand and laughing as Wooden snores, I have to say for a puppy he sure does sleep a lot. I'm going to get in a yoga/tabata workout today, I plan on kicking my own ass and getting it in gear for April 15th, the Paris Marathon. Remember to check out Project Run for up to date workouts and what is inspiring me on the fitness scene.

January 19th is a very special day, it is my mother's birthday and also my aunt's birthday (my mom's sister). It's days like this that I hate being over here, or away in general from the people I love. I wish I was there to celebrate but since I am not, I am sending so much love their way. I love you mom! Thank you for being such an amazing person in my life, you are the glue that holds me together at times and I couldn't be more grateful.  I can't wait to celebrate with you when I get home, some champagne is in order. My aunt Gail is also an amazing woman in my life, I don't know what I would do without her and my mother for their continued support in all that I do and their always comforting words of wisdom.  I love you both and happy, happy birthday.

Today's quote that I am leaving you with, is less of a quote and more of a statement. It comes from an Unknown Author and I found it on Pinterest, (Who would have guessed that?) I absolutely adore it's message and the simplicity in it.

Every day that we are given is a chance we get to make it count. With every day that passes I am learning this simple fact more a more, I have the power to make this day a great one. We deserve to be happy and the bottom line is that it starts the minute you wake up in the morning, the ball is in your court to make the day ahead of you a great one and to conquer it.  I believe in going  out and setting  goals for yourself. I believe in trying something new whether it's a hobby or a new food.

Yesterday the manfriend and I were talking about the Chicago Marathon, I remembered that even though I didn't run my best marathon there, I did enjoy the course and would love to do it again. I immediately  checked out the Chicago Marathon website and saw that registration for the race begins February 1st and I plan on being one of the first to sign up for the October 7th race. All is took was a trip down memory lane to set a new goal, because why not? This is my life and I should try and fill it with as many cool experiences as possible. That is all I wish for you too! Make your life aka your story a bestseller. Today is a new day and the beginning of the rest of your life, go out a seize it.

Enjoy and make it count!

Make today beautiful.
-Unknown Author

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