Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's a good day.

Hey there loves, Happy Wednesday! Make it a great day, and more importantly make it count. This morning Kyle had off from practice, which was really nice change of pace. We enjoyed breakfast together, I made some yummy french toast, when in France eat what the French eat!  Actually, I don't even know if they eat a lot of french toast here in Limoges. We sipped our delicious Starbucks Christmas blend coffee, which is sadly depleting and enjoyed Wooden's company.

After, breakfast we walked to one of the nearby parks and Kyle timed me during my tempo run workout. It was a great workout but my heart broke during every lap as I ran past Wooden who wanted to run with me, he was whimpering. I hated to see him sad but I am however, excited that he is so anxious to run, once he's old enough I can't wait to take him on weekly runs, easy runs that is. So far it's been a nice little Wednesday and we are ending it with a date night, we are going out to one of our favorite restaurants in Limoges.

Some exciting news for Jeans and Tees and Travel and Cakes, the blog layout is officially complete! The last updates to be added are the new Instagram button in the top right hand side of the blog, now you can check out my Instagram pictures and you can follow me if you dig them. Also, the Jeans and Tees and Travel and Cakes Facebook landing page is set up! So if you aren't a fan of the J.T.T.C Facebook page, you can click the Facebook button at the top right hand side of the blog and it will bring you directly to the J.T.T.C landing page where you can click "like" to stay up to date on all the latest posts. I want to thank Emily from Designer Blogs for the design and installation and putting up with my many emails. I will definitely be using her again for any future updates.

Today I am going to leave all my fashionista friends something to watch and laugh over. I know I've said a few of these one liners and I'm not so sure I should be proud of it or not. It's a video called "Sh*t Fashion Girls Say", it's a parody of "Sh*t Girls Say", which is also a must watch. Check it out and have a wonderful day.

My favorites lines. (That I've most likely said myself.)
  • "I'm going to earmark this page in case you're feeling spendy."
  • "She is such a Samantha."
  • "You're like my Big."
  • "I think I'm ready for bangs."
  • "She was wearing Tory Burch flats." (I have to say I will proudly wear my Tory Burch flats, thank you very much!)
  • "Can I have a non-fat, half sweet, no whip soy latte? Thanks!"
  • "Hash tag #totesamaze"
  • "Oh my god I hate my bangs!"
  • "How long to you think it will take for them to grow out?" 

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