Monday, September 12, 2011

My Weekend Instagram'd.

The cutest two month old I know!

Missing my manfriend, found this on Pinterest and Instagram'd it.

Postcards at Sunset...Sept. 11th Memorial on Staten Island

Postcards...Sept. 11th Memorial on Staten Island.

Rachel Zoe...Parisian Chic...FNO

Rachel Zoe...Charlie Girl...FNO

Rachel Zoe...Uptown Girl...FNO

The Freedom Tower in Red, White and Blue.

Enjoying some wine after a long week of work.

The Lovely Ladies.

My Loves; Sam and Lyndsay.

The Family Ladies

The Family Men.

Quotable Creation for Jason.

Quoatable Creation for Riley.

William rocking a Sanchez Jet's Jersey, ready for the season opener.

Our Little Jet...William.

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