Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's the boring stuff I remember most.

Good day sunshine! Happy Wednesday and happy Leap Day, since you get an extra day this year make it a great one. It's another gorgeous day in Limoges, it's supposed to be 61 degrees today and I couldn't be happier, if you didn't know I live for this weather.

Today Kyle and I are heading to the train station to pick up my ticket for my trip to Paris Saturday, which starts my journey back to New York. I am a little bummed because Kyle leaves for a road game tomorrow morning and won't get back until early Saturday morning, just in time to drop me off at the station. So today is our last day together for two weeks, I know two weeks isn't a long time, we've endured a lot worse but I just hate being someplace he is not.

I love Ellie and Carl. 

Last night after our daily long walk with Wooden, we came home and watched one of my favorite Disney flicks, Up. This movie gets me every time, I cry within the first five minutes like clockwork. Anyway, last night in particular one scene really stuck out for me, spoiler alert if you haven't seen Up. In this scene the character Russell is talking about a game that he plays with his dad, then he stops and says, "I know it sounds boring,"..."But it's the boring things I remember most." Such a simple line and there I was with tears streaming down my face.

In life it really is about the little things, the simple days which to an outsider might look boring, but those are usually the days that you remember most. From a simple walk in the park, a conversation with a loved one, laughing at something random, that's what life is made up of. When you realize that day to day life isn't that grandiose, it's just life, that I feel is when you really start living. If your every days are full of sincerity and meaning, if you put forth your best self, you'll find that the simplest of days could in the end be the most interesting.

Have a great day!

“I know it sounds boring,”...“But it’s the boring things I remember most.”
-Russell, Up


Kate M. said...

I love that movie. I always put it on whenever I am in need of a pick me up (even though it takes me 2 seconds to start bawling). Just wanted to say that the flats came and i LOVE THEM. they are adorable, comfortable, and for a good cause. thanks again!!

Meggie said...

Yay, so happy you got your Flats!!! Enjoy them girl!!!

Have a great weekend. :)


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