Thursday, February 23, 2012

It fits.

Hey there Loves, Happy Thursday! I hope you are having a great week and putting your best self forward. I can't believe I'm heading home to NYC in a little over a week, this year really seems to be flying by. Even though I'm excited to be in New York for a couple of weeks, I hate leaving Kyle and my pup behind in France.

Because of the amazing weather we've been having here in Limoges, I've been able to really step my marathon training up. Yesterday I pounded out 15 hill repeats and while I am super sore today, I'm happy that it was a successful workout. On our way home from the park after my workout, Kyle told me how proud he was of me, that I've really been beasting it, working out every day and really focusing on my training. It's great to hear those words coming from him, not just because those are words you want to hear from your significant other, it's mainly because I value his words and advice when it comes to working out/training because he is a professional athlete. He never sugarcoats things, he isn't a believer in the phrase, "I can't" and because of his intense desire and determination, it motivates me to be the best.

Every day I am realizing more and more that I've met my match when I found Kyle. This is something that I am so grateful and thankful for. How lucky am I to have met the man that I want to spend all my days with. Kyle allows me to be myself, he accepts all of me, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Our relationship hasn't been the most conventional but it's ours. We've proven to each other that if you want something bad enough, you'll climb any mountain, cross any ocean to make it happen, you go after it, you don't give up just because it gets hard. It's not always easy and because of my guy's career there is always that feeling of never knowing what the next chapter will be. That used to scare me, the whole not knowing where we may end up but now I'm ok with it. I think I'm ok with it because I know Kyle is it, he's my person.

We've created so many amazing chapters together and we have only been together a little under four years. We've had to make many life altering decisions and so far they have all worked out for the better. We both know we've found our counterpart in each other, that balance that keeps one another grounded. I'm not trying to be mushy and lovey dovey, I'm just honestly proud of the couple we've become, it may not look like the perfect pairing to others but to us it fits.

There's this line in one of my favorite movies, P.S. I Love You, when Gerard Butler's character Gerry says, " Watch out for that signal, when life as you know it ends." I carry this quote in my heart and believe that when I met Kyle, my life as I knew it ended. Everything changed, I learned so much from someone really loving me. Kyle has allowed me to be myself, to go after my dreams, such as writing this blog, every day he asks, "what are you going to blog about?" He always shows interest and pushes me to be the best. For me, I've hit the jackpot.

The greatest thing you can do in life is surround yourself with love. Be around people who believe in love, who are passionate, who set great examples. I've been very lucky to grow up in a family drenched in love, my parents have been married for over 30 years, they are the ultimate example for me, through good times and bad they are always by each others side. Then there are my siblings who are both married with kids. Watching them and the love they have for their little families gets me excited to one day have that.

I will end this post with a simple statement that I truly believe in. Don't be afraid of love, don't be afraid of that moment when life as you know it ends.


Kristy said...

Meg- bethenny is on Ellen tomorrow!

Meggie said...

I can't wait! She's going to talk about her new talkshow :)

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