Monday, February 27, 2012

Find Passion

Happy Monday Loves! Hope you had a fabulous weekend, now it's time to conquer the last days of February. I had a great weekend and now I'm getting things in check for my trip home to New York at the end of the week. I'm really looking forward to seeing my family, going for some great training runs and getting home just in time to celebrate the Staten Island St. Patty's Day Parade.

Yesterday Kyle, Wooden and I woke up to some amazing weather in Limoges, since Kyle had the day off we wanted to make the most of it. We packed ourselves a little picnic and headed to one of the local parks, to take in some sun and relax. It was such a great time, nothing beats enjoying the simple things in life like a glass of wine, great company, amazing weather and good conversation.

Here are some pictures from our Sunday in the Park.

As I mentioned last week, my marathon training has really been on point. I feel great and can't wait to take on the Paris Marathon mid April, I feel like my passion for running is at an all time high. Finding something to be passionate about is so important in life, it makes everything else you do better. Which brings me to today's quote from the Dope and Legit Blog, it's an amazing one. Go out into the world and be passionate and also have a great Monday.

Let your passion be the reason for your existence, and your success be the product of your resistance.
-Dope and Legit Blog



Sbe said...

What a pleasure to see this nice weather after the endless cold weeks we had to endure !
If Kyle and you like relaxing in parks you are lucky because Limoges is one of the greenest town in France with a lot of beautiful and quiet parks. I can recommend you some of them like the famous "jardin de l'eveche" near the cathedral and the museum; not very far from Beaublanc "le parc Victor Thuillat" is very small but so lovely; some spots in the edges of the river Vienne are pretty too. The biggest one is "le parc de l'aurence 1", with a little lake and a little zoo with animals in freedom which is amazing for the childrens. In spring "la roseraie du Mas Jambost" is a wonderfull place with about a hundred variety of roses.
I sometimes come on your blog, reading it is always nice and interesting.

Meggie said...

Thank so much for all the info on the parks!!! I can't wait to check them out, the park with all the roses sounds amazing! Thank you for reading.


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