Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Favorites.

Happy Friday Beauties! Here's some of my favorite things that got me through the week. Have an amazing weekend.

With all the current "Linsanity" surrounding the New York Knicks, I had to set the record straight that I've been a Knick fan since my youth. I don't believe in jumping on the bandwagon, with that said, GO New York, GO New York, GO!

Since living in Limoges, the only other thing I've craved as much as my beloved Starbucks was a SkinnyGirl Margarita. Since they don't sell that here, I decided to make my own and I'm delighted to say it came out pretty darn good.

The atmosphere at Kyle's game was amazing, took me right back to his college days playing at Notre Dame.

My 17 year old bichon frise, Cobi! He looks amazing, freshly groomed and still has his puppy charm. I can't wait to see Cobi when I get back to the States.

Our pup, Wooden trying to make me crack and let him up on our bed. How can you say no to that face?

A lovely lunch at Les Artiste a great spot in downtown Limoges. I enjoyed a Gin Fizz and cheeseburger, yummy!

Best find so far in Limoges, a coffee shop that serves large Caramel Macchiatos! It's no Starbucks but it was very satisfying.

Kyle and Wooden = Two Mush Faces!

I've been looking at different hairstyles and I'm really digging this ombré look on Jessica Biel. I think this will be the new look I'll go for when I return to New York.

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