Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Favorites.

Well the first few days of February have been a success, so I'm thinking the rest of the month is going to be a hit as well. I hope you have an amazing weekend and GO GIANTS, make these New Yorkers living in France proud! Here are a few of my favorite things from this past week, Wooden makes many appearances, a friend told me that Wooden needs his own blog, I'm thinking of calling it "Woodenisms", what do you think?


Love is Everywhere. You all know I am a lover of Tiffany & Co. , so I couldn't pass on this opportunity. For Valentine's Day Tiffany's is running a "True Love In Pictures" campaign and being the corny person I am, I've submitted a picture of Kyle and I. The pictures with the most "likes" will be featured on the Tiffany site, even though I know we probably have no chance of being featured, it was fun just to submit our photo. You can "like" the photo through Instagram. I'm a mush when it comes to LOVE. 

We took Wooden into downtown Limoges on Sunday afternoon, it was his first time walking around the city, we usually only take him to the local park or for walks around the block. He got the attention of everyone who walked past him and he really enjoyed chasing the pigeons. 

Wooden is quite the lover of yoga. Every time I am putting myself through a session he manages to find his way onto my mat. I'm guessing this is why he is so mellow. 

Back in 2007 Marc Jacobs did a series of shirts to raise money for the NYU Langone Medical Center called "Protect the skin you're in." I purchased one of those shirts with the gorgeous Christy Turlington on it. Well, Marc is at it again and there was no way in hell I wasn't purchasing one of these shirts because my ab idol, Marisa Miller is on one of the shirts. Because these t-shirts are hot sellers it was work finding one but I found a tee in my size on ebay and it's heading my way, I can't wait to rock it! 

This photo was taken from my apartment in France, it part of the February Photo a Day Challenge I am doing with Instagram. This is Day One: My view.  I can't say I love this snowscape but the picture came out pretty cool.

Wooden experienced his first snowfall and he loved it. 

This Napoli Pasta dish from Donna Sarah definitely hit the spot.  I am a lover of pasta and after seeing an episode of Anthony Bourdain's,  No Reservations, where he is exploring Italy and finds the perfect plate of pasta, I've began my search. This one was pretty fantastic, it was the perfect combination of tomato and basil.

I rocked this funky french manicure this week, using O.P.I's  Kiss Me on the Tulips (Pink) and O.P.I's Glizterland (Gold)
Temple Run! This is one of the most addicting games to have on your phone,  I am obsessed! You've been warned. 

This is what I am currently listening to, I love this song, this cover  and it's words. I know my mom can relate. <3

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