Monday, February 13, 2012


Hey there Lovers, Happy Monday. I hope you all had an amazing weekend and are now ready to conquer another week. I can't believe it's mid February already, this month is flying by. I head back to the States in less then two weeks for a short visit, which I am really excited for. Here's wishing you a great week, go out and be great.

This weekend really had me feeling very nostalgic, it started when I heard that Whitney Houston passed away. I automatically remembered my kindergarten graduation, where we had a slide show which played her song, Greatest Love of All, life was so innocent at that moment in time. Then last night at  Kyle's amazing game against his former Notre Dame teammate Ryan, which happened to be the biggest game of the season, the two teams are battling for first place. Limoges CSP came out victorious in the 75-74, nail biter of a game, Kyle and Ryan both played awesome. Anyway, here I was sitting in an arena in France having flashbacks of his days playing at ND, where we began. It had a lot to do with Limoges' fans who are die hards, I thought I was in the Joyce center and for a moment I wanted to go back.  

Here's a clip of last night's game.

The nostalgia came again this morning watching the Grammys , I had to DVR it because of the time difference. As I sat there with my coffee in hand listening to the Beach Boys (who are my absolute favorite) perform, tears started streaming down my face. I remembered being in my Aunt Robin and Uncle Tommy's house rocking out to the Beach Boys, using utensils as microphones, little did we know my uncle would tragically pass away two months later. 

It's moments like those, that make life worth living and it's those moments that we hold onto and carry with us on our journey. Someone recently asked Kyle and I about our future overseas, it's a hard question to answer because as amazing as traveling and living abroad can be, where we've created some amazing moments, nothing compares to the moments made with family and friends. So how long will we continue our journey as two drifters off seeing the world, who knows. But I do know that when I am feeling a bit homesick or missing someone, I can dive into memories by simply listening to a song or looking at a picture and for a brief time I am back in a moment. 

Sending love to my family with this clip from the Grammys last night. 

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