Wednesday, April 25, 2012

There's magic in the air.

Hey there Loves, Happy Wednesday. It is yet another rainy day here in Limoges but I don't think the rain could stop the people of Limoges from smiling today. Last night Kyle and the rest of Limoges CSP advanced to the French Cup Finals with an amazing victory over STB Le Havre.

It was such an exciting game and the atmosphere in Beaublanc ( Limoges CSP's Arena) was outstanding. I was so happy that my sister Becky and friend John were here in Limoges to see such a great match.

Kyle came up huge in the forth quarter hitting two big three's to help seal the victory. I can't tell you how proud I am of him and the rest of the CSP Team, they really put on quite a show. Now it's off to Paris on May 20th where they will play Chalon √Član for the French Cup Title.

Good Luck and Go Limoges CSP!

Kyle vs Le Havre.

Kyle and Limoges CSP vs. Le Havre in the French Cup Semi Final.

Here is a clip that my sister captured after Limoges CSP's Victory over Le Havre. 

My sister and I enjoying a beer before the match. 

Becky and John.

Becky and I after the victory, what an amazing game. 

Kyle and I celebrating the win. 


Nikki Fein said...

That's great, happy for you all. My husband said he has played at bleublanc many times in the years past and the atmosphere has always been great, win or lose. And I just saw you are heading to Aruba this summer. It is our favorite vacation spot to date, by far. We are most likely headed back there too this summer to celebrate our anniversary, hope you enjoy it.

Meggie said...

Thank you so much! The fan support in Limoges in out of this world, they are amazing.

So happy to hear you love Aruba! We are so excited to go, we've only heard great things about it. I hope you get to go back to celebrate your anniversary.


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