Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Favorites.

Happy Friday Lovers, hope your week went smoothly and that you are ready to enjoy a nice weekend. Kyle hits the road for his last away game of the season, so Wooden and I will be enjoying a quiet Friday and Saturday in Limoges. If the weather permits we might head up to Paris for the day on Sunday but the rain has been endless so we shall see.

Here are my favorite things from this week. Have an amazing weekend!

Enjoying a nice breakfast with my sister and John before they headed home to the States. 

Love this guy. 

Really enjoyed my morning coffee on Wednesday after Limoges advanced to the French Cup Finals.

On Wednesday Kyle and I celebrated 4 great years together. I've been so blessed to  have him by my side. 

The delicious meal my sister left for Kyle and I to enjoy. She's the bestest!!!!

I had to wait for Kyle to go to practice to dress Wooden up. He is rooting for Limoges CSP to go all the way.

The Civil Wars
I fell in love with this band after I saw them preform of Good Morning America. Their voices are amazing and I love songs with meaningful lyrics. Definitely check them out, you will not be disappointed. Here are my two favorite tracks, Poison & Wine and Barton Hallow. 


Antoine Aragones said...

I really apprecied the picture of Wooden in Green !!!

Meggie said...

Glad you enjoyed it! He wanted to show his support ;-) haha.

Thanks for reading.


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