Monday, April 30, 2012

New Goal in Sight.

On April 15th I was supposed to cross the Finish Line as a Paris Marathoner, but my body had other plans. I was sidelined from the race because of some kidney trouble and it became one of the toughest moments in my life, being kept away from the sport I love so much and not being able to achieve a goal I've worked 16 weeks on achieving was very hard.

These last few weeks gave me time to think as I was getting myself back to normal, my main goal was to get healthy. So I wasn't allowed to do anything strenuous, meaning no running, no yoga, no body rock workouts, I wasn't a happy camper. It did however give me time to come up with a plan, since I couldn't run 26.2 miles in Paris, I will achieve my own version of a marathon.

A new goal was born, I will run six races this summer that will equal the 26.2 distance, it may not be one straight shot at a marathon but it's my way of paying tribute to the distance that I love so much, so much so that I have the distance tattooed on my foot as a constant reminder of what makes me who I am.

I will make my racing comeback on Memorial Day as I will run the Staten Island Memorial Day 4 Miler Race, this will be my first race in Staten Island in two years. I will then proceed to run 5 more races ending mid July with a 5k and I'll have my 26.2 mile distance under my belt. I am very excited for this new challenge and I can't wait to start training my booty off to get into tip top shape to tackle these races. Wednesday begins my road back to running as I will hit the pavement for the first time in three weeks. It will feel really good to get back to what I love.

Race Schedule

Staten Island Memorial Day Run - Monday, May 28th = 4 Miles
NYRR New York Mini 10K - Saturday, June 9th = 6.2 Miles
Jeff's Run 5k - Sunday, June 17th = 3.1 Miles
Sunset Classic Run - Thursday, June 28th = 5 Miles
Pepper Martin - Wednesday, July 4th = 5 Miles
Ladder 5 5k Run - Saturday, July 14th = 3.1 Miles

It actually equals a distance of 26.4 Miles but you get the idea.

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