Wednesday, April 4, 2012

An athlete is an athlete.

Happy Wednesday Beauties, hope this finds you well and that you are having an amazing first week of April. I woke up so sore this morning after the workout I had yesterday, which kicked my butt! I tried a Body Rock challenge and while it was amazing, I felt like I was going to puke the minute it was over from pushing myself to complete the workout. I guess being totally spent after means that it was indeed a successful workout. I will probably only do one more tough workout like this before the marathon as it is quickly approaching and I want my body to feel super.

This morning while doing my usual routine which consists of drinking my coffee, browsing all my favorites blogs and catching up on my social media, I was a little disheartened by the comments left by so many of my male Facebook and Twitter friends regarding the Women's NCAA Championship game. Disheartened is actually to kind of a word to use, I'm more disgusted with them and their ignorant comments about women's athletics. I know this is a Lifestyle Blog where I post about what is going on in my life, the latest fashions that have caught my eye, quotes that inspire me, recipes, and running but sometimes a girl just needs to vent.

Being that I am both a female and an athlete, reading hateful, sexist comments about ladies in sports doesn't fly with me. I grew up an athlete, it's a major part of who I am, I spent my youth running from soccer field to basketball court to track meet, practicing and pushing myself to the limit day in and day out to achieve my personal goals. I went on to receive an athletic scholarship to run in college, which isn't an easy fete. I'm a five time marathon finisher soon to be six and nine time half marathon finisher but mainly I am a lover of sport and the respect I have for athletes both male and female is tremendous. So it deeply saddens me when I read the hate that some males direct towards female athletes.

When Kyle and I met he was a big time collegiate athlete, known on the national stage, I was a marathoner, training myself for my next race. I fell in love with Kyle because of the respect he had for me as an athlete, he knew that even though I wasn't a pro or even sponsored that I was still an athlete. He knew that running twenty miles on a training run probably isn't fun or easy. We had a mutual understanding of what is takes to be an athlete and that it's the same whether you're male or female, elite or intermediate, you're still out there putting in the time and the effort. We both know what it feels like to have the best performance of your life and we also know what it feels like to fail.

Me finishing the Boston Marathon. Kyle playing for Limoges CSP
I just can't quite understand why some men feel the need to trash female athletes and athletics. Maybe it's an insecurity they have knowing that someone with a vagina is better at basketball then they are, or could run laps around them on the track. Maybe it's just pure ignorance.

So here's my thought for the men who leave these nasty comments. While you are on your computer thinking up a hateful status update about Baylor's Brittney Griner, she was busy winning a NATIONAL Title, I think that's a little more impressive then the four "likes" you received by your other ignorant male friends on Facebook. My one wish for these men is that they are blessed with a daughter who has a sweet jump shot, who is really into Crossfit and crushes his pride a little bit when she beats him in a local 5k.


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Damn right!!

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Oh yea!!!!! :)

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