Thursday, October 27, 2011

Truly Believe.

Hey there Loves, Happy Thursday. Make this Thursday a great one, do something outside of your comfort zone today. I think I am finally adjusted to the time difference here in France, thank god!

Tuesday night I went to my first Limoges CSP basketball game and I was quite impressed. The fans here in Limoges are awesome, being in the arena took me back to Kyle's playing days at Notre Dame, and that made me feel great. Limoges CSP was victorious over Bordeaux in this cup game and Kyle (manfriend) had a solid game and hit a game changing three pointer in the 4th quarter, as always I am super proud of my guy. I really look forward to going to more Limoges games and cheer alongside the loyal fans.

Here is a video I took after Limoges CSP captured a victory over Bordeaux. 

Yesterday the manfriend and I explored the city of Limoges, and I fell in love. It's an amazingly quaint little city, very European, with its winding roads and alleys. It's going to take me a little while to figure out where I am going but that can be very fun. I can not wait until we get our puppy so we can walk through the city with him.

The streets of Limoges, France.

Now for today, it's operation "Make our apartment more homey!" We definitely got lucky with our new digs over here, it is rather large and roomy but it still needs some touches that will make our French flat feel more "us". So I'll spruce it up a little but, adding so items I brought from New York and viola, Kyle and Meg's humble abode will be complete.

Today's quote is short, sweet and beautiful. It's from an unknown author and it holds great truth. One of the most important things you need to do in this life is to believe in yourself. Once you believe in yourself, all things are possible, no dream is to big or small if you truly believe. 


Really, truly believe in yourself. 
-Unknown Author

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Sbe said...

I'm glad you appreciate the atmosphere of Beaublanc, here the fans are totally in love with our team. In fact CSP is more than a simple basketball team for the people of Limoges.
You have to know that people and city of Limoges have a very bad reputation in France like "Limoges is a dead city and people are dumb peasants who still live in the middle age". We really had an inferiority complex.
But from 1982 to 2000 CSP was on the top of french and european basketball, beating great team like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Olympiakos or Panathinaikos Athens and winning a lot of trophee. Our basketball team became our pride, it's why people are so in love with this team.

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