Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Thrill.

Happy Tuesday Beauties, it's a rainy day here in Maine. I'm enjoying some yummy coffee with my sister and catching up on the latest episode of Pan Am, I really love this show. Hope you have a great day loves, make it a fabulous one.

Yesterday, my sister and I enjoyed a nice day of shopping and dining out. We explored the town of Portsmouth, which is adorably quaint. There were so many cute shops, and I didn't leave empty handed, I picked up a really cute dress. We also enjoyed some brunch at a great spot called, Colby's. After Portsmouth, we headed to Kittery, where we shopped some of the awesome Outlet stores, I love bargain shopping. Picture to come!

Today' we are going to bake and cook and bake some more. Perfect for a rainy day. I am really enjoying my time up here, and I am being honest when I say, I'm sad that I have to head home tomorrow.

Today's quote is from an Unknown Author, it was found on HolliesQuotes under the "Life" section. I love quotes such as this. You can't be afraid, to take risks, to live the life you've always dreamed of living. Fears are natural but when you push past the fear, the results are amazing.


Sometimes the thrill of soaring must begin with the fear of falling.
-Unknown Author

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