Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Who doesn't want wings?

I woke up this morning to quite the array of Facebook and Twitter updates about last night's Victoria Secret Fashion Show.  The updates were either ladies wishing they looked like the gorgeous supermodels, men wishing they dated the gorgeous supermodels, or the people hating on the gorgeous supermodels, as my boyfriend read me one  of the many updates which said, "looks like the Victoria's Secret models didn't eat any Thanksgiving dinner this year." 

Thank God I had my manfriend DVR it for me on Slingbox, this is something I look forward to every year, call me weird or crazy but I love this fashion show. I know I will never grace the catwalk for Victoria's Secret, but there is something so sexy about those women. Let's face it every girl wishes they could look like those ladies and wear a pair of wings, so we either a.) applaud their freakish genetics or b.) hate them for their freakish genetics. I choose the first option, I can appreciate a beautiful looking woman when I see one. Don't spend your time hating on these ladies, they were born that way, they can't help it. Also don't be jealous if your significant other drools at the TV, he is dating/married to you, you are his own personal Victoria's Secret Angel and he knows it. 

If you want to live out the dream of being a Victoria Secret Angel, there is an easy way to make your dream a reality, just go to Face in where you can put your face on a Victoria's Secret models body. Just be careful, I did this and was totally embarrassed when a guy I worked with was dating one of these models and my head happened to be on her body, true story. I told him that I admired her abs and rack, he enjoyed the compliment while I was mortified. 

So even though most of us will never be an Angel on television or in magazines, one must think of themselves as a sexy little bombshell because to someone we are. 

Hey, a girl can dream. (My Face in Hole creation)

Here's a clip of last night's show. Enjoy!

Now I get to look forward to March when the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue comes out. You can also put your face on the Cover of that as well. 


becky said...

hey, they even had topless hunky man gymnasts... lots to look at!

Meggie said...

Yea...I think they know they have a big gay following!!! Smart People at Victorias Secret!!!

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