Monday, December 13, 2010

Quote of the day.

Happy Monday, it is freezing here in New York, I am missing that warm Athens weather. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Today's quote is a little nostalgic for me, my mom gave this quote to my boyfriend  his senior year at Notre Dame, he kept it framed in his apartment. I love this quote and it's message, and it brings back fond memories of our beginning.

My mom has always had a way of motivating with cards and quotes. I have truly become my mother's daughter because I could send someone a card or quote for just about anything, so thanks Mom, I feel it's one of my best qualities and I learned it from you.


Watch your thoughts; They become your words.
Watch your words; They become your actions.
Watch your actions; They become your habits.
Watch your habits; They become your character.
Watch your character; It becomes your destiny.

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