Saturday, October 30, 2010

Swiffer and Mop 1/ Meg 0

I've been getting familiar with a little "c" word called cleaning, we weren't really friendly before, I would hear it in passing, I was told to do it time and again but chose to ignore it. You can say I was a little spoiled, while I say I wasn't ready for that phase in my life to begin yet, hey we all go at our own pace. 

Since I'm now living in my own place with a boy none the less, I've had to turn to cleaning. I really haven't had a choice in the matter, it was time for me to start the new phase or as I like to say forced into starting it. 

I figured I would start out small, taking baby steps. I didn't think I was going to become Mr.(Ms.)Clean in a day. I started with making the bed daily which is a pretty simple task, I passed and might I say it looked nice after it was done. Then came the laundry, we all know how that went, without a dryer it was a challenge but with practice I prevailed. Next came the dishes, with the help from my boyfriend I learned the proper scrubbing techniques and I was rather intrigued by how a little palmolive goes a really long way. 

I'm ready to get spick and span.

I was getting excited with my new ability, and I liked the way a clean apartment looked and smelled. On our next trip to the supermarket, I invested in some Swiffers and a mop, I was ready for the next level, and I was also sick of hearing Kyle complain about my hair being everywhere. I couldn't wait for my boyfriend to go to practice so I could clean away without being interrupted. 

I set everything up as directed and started to clean. Well, it  wasn't as successful as I planned. To begin with, Swiffers and the things they pick up are disgusting, no one should have to see that. Secondly I don't know what I did with the mop, but mid way through my mopping the mop broke leaving me stranded in a one foot by one foot tile, surrounded by suds. What was I to do, how was I to proceed? Then I thought, what would Martha Stewart do? So I just  Swiffered up that sudsy mess and voila I did it. 

It's a Love/Hate relationship with the Swiffer.

I guess cleaning is a learning process and I'm on the right track. I know my parents would be proud and happy that I didn't injure myself along the way. Now I need to go have a nice glass of wine because this girl is spent.

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