Sunday, October 24, 2010

The One Con in Greece...NO DRYER!

As an American I've been a bit spoiled about the way the world works. Such as if it's Sunday, you are watching football, peanut butter always goes with jelly, there are always twenty varieties of a given product i.e cereal and where there is a washer, there most certainly is a dryer. But in Greece they do it a little differently, and I've had to learn how to dry clothes through trial and error. 

My first couple of tries at mastering the art of drying weren't so successful, the towel I gave my boyfriend to use was more like a piece of sand paper and I was affraid that the underwear I dried of his would result in him getting cuts on his behind because of the shards of glass like texture. 

Because failure isn't an option in my eyes, I began to observe how our neighbors were hanging their clothing. I realized my technique was all wrong, I guess you could call it a common rookie mistake. After a few more tries, I began to notice that my once hard as a rock, starch like clothing was now a little softer, and my towels were actually blowing in the wind. My new technique was working and my boyfriend no longer looked like he was wearing shirts made out of card board. 

I guess practice makes perfect, and stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new isn't so bad after all. 

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Zůza said...

Uhg, I'm suprised, i mean really suprised drying clothes this way is not a common habit in all around the world. :o

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