Monday, October 18, 2010


While in Chicago My sister, my cousin Devin, his girlfriend Briana and I went to one of the tastier spots in the city, Sprinkles. Being that my sister is a baker and I am a foodie, I feel we might of crossed over into heaven for a brief moment.

Sprinkles is a pretty well known cupcake shop, they have stores in Chicago and California. (They need one in New York asap) The great thing about Sprinkles is there homemade taste, for instance the vanilla icing tastes just like my Nana's recipe, so it took me right down memory lane. Also their cupcake combinations are very different from your usual cupcake spot. Every week they display a cupcake of the week, the week we were there it was apple pumpkin caramel, need I say more.

One thing I must say, and I'm not being biased, my sister's cupcakes are on the same level of goodness as Sprinkles and I think she could take the world by storm.

Enjoy the pictures below, I know I enjoyed eating them.

The store front can't help but catch your eye.

Couldn't wait to get back to the hotel to chow down.

The unvieling.

Oh boy, I love me some cupcakes.

Becky's selection; Chocolate on Chocolate, Apple Pumpkin Caramel, Red Velvet and Strawberry.

My selection; Classic Vanilla, Strawberry, Cinnamon Sugar and Vanilla Banana.

It was a tie between the Strawberry and Classic Vanilla for my favorite cupcake.

Becky about to eat her Red Velvet.


Extremely excited to take a bite out of this bad boy.

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