Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gosh...I Love Food.


Being that my manfriend and I are foodie fanatics, I was so excited to come to Greece and try all the delicious food they have to offer. I was surprisingly delighted to see that they have such a wide variety of choices in the city, from traditional Greek, fine Italian cuisine, Barbecue, Mexican and all types of Asian food. I was ready to dig in. 

Recently we went to a great Italian spot called Vincenzo's. Kyle's teammate Pat found this gem, that I know we will frequent while we are here in Athens. It's in Glyfada, which is a really nice area of the city and right by the arena where Kyle's team plays. The restaurant has a very laid back atmosphere, the staff was also extremely friendly, which always makes any dining experience better. Now onto the food.

 The night started off on the right foot, the minute the waitress brought the bread over to our table. This wasn't your typical Italian bread served at most restaurants, it was more like a calzone, this flatbread was stuffed with buffalo mozzarella and it was fantastic. For an appetizer Kyle and I went with the fresh tomato with mozzarella topped with a light pesto, again is was amazing. 

For my entree, I ordered the chicken rollatini. The chicken was stuffed with prosciutto along with mozzarella and topped off with a marsala sauce accompanied with fresh vegetables. This chicken dish was done to perfection, the chicken was buttery and the prosciutto and cheese complimented it ver well. The marsala sauce along with the fresh mushrooms were delicious, I wish I asked for the recipe. Kyle got the wild salmon with fresh veggies, he enjoyed it but his only complaint were the bones in the salmon, which made eating the dish a little messy.

My Chicken Rollatini (sorry for the shadow in the picture)

Kyle's Salmon dish.

Amanda, Pat's wife told us about the amazing dessert here, and when we were about to leave the owner came over and offered us complimentary dessert. Of course we weren't going to turn away some treats. I don't think anyone was expecting what they brought over, that's for sure. Everyone at the tables face lit up as the waitress placed one of the most beautiful arrays of desserts in front of us. Tiramisu, giants cream puffs with vanilla ice-cream and chocolate fudge, a huge brownie with vanilla ice-cream on top, and vanilla flan. The tiramisu was the best I've ever had, it was done perfectly. What a great way to end the evening. 

The yummy dessert tray, compliments of Vincenzo.

Vincenzo's was a great dining experience and I left with a full belly and a smile on my face. 

Happy Dining.

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