Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our Own Little Halloween.

Being that the Greeks don't celebrate Halloween, I figured I would do something special for the manfriend and myself. 

I waited for Kyle to go to practice so he could come home to a sweet surprise. I ran next door to the local grocer and picked up a few goodies, some M&M's plain and peanut (M&M's are Kyle's favorite candy), some KitKats, Twix and Snickers, along with a bottle of red wine. I had the option to get some traditional Greek candy, but I figured since it's an American holiday I would stick to our stuff. 

I knew ahead of time which holidays weren't celebrated here so with the help of Hallmark and my mom, I was prepared with Halloween greeting cards. Cards are always a nice touch to anything, they give things a more personal feel. I set everything up, lit some candles to give it a fallish ambiance, since it's pretty warm over here it doesn't feel like the typical October weather I'm used to in New York. I wanted to get a pumpkin to carve, but I couldn't find one anywhere. 

When Kyle came home, he was happy to find some treats waiting for him, and a little reminder of life back home. 

Celebrating Halloween in Athens.

Thanks for the card Mom.

Kyle's favorite sweet treat besides Nutella.

Now onto the next holiday, Thanksgiving. My dad actually told me I could find a turkey through the internet, that should be interesting. If anyone knows where to get a turkey in Greece, that would be greatly appreciated. 

Happy Trick or Treating.

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Barb said...

if theres an area near you that has a lot of american transplants (maybe there's an american college study abroad satellite nearby, or something like that) that would prob be the best place to look for a turkey. when i studied in rome, it was fairly easy to find a turkey, i suspect because we were in this type of area. usually you will need to order it in advance, so start asking around ASAP!

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