Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Somebody HELP! He has an addiction.

Since I've been in Athens a little over a week, I have noticed my boyfriend paying a little extra attention to a certain something. Back in the States I knew he liked this, but over here I feel like he has fallen in love, in love with a hazelnut spread called Nutella. I'm not even mad because to be honest this stuff is good, it's a creamy mix of chocolatey hazelnut goodness.

The yummy temptress...Nutella.

We literally go through a jar a day, he eats it by the spoonful, puts it on everything, has it with cereal and I think I saw him put some on his toothbrush. He knows he is addicted too, I found a large half full jar of Nutella in the trash, when I asked him why it was in there, he said "he needed to stop!" I mean, I guess it's good that he can admit that he has a problem. The sad thing is that he now has me partaking in these Nutella binges, I find myself eyeing the jar as I open the cupboard. What has he done to me?

I guess a little treat every now and then isn't so bad. If we start buying more then a jar a day, I'm sure there is a Nutella Anonymous somewhere here is Athens.

Well I have to go google Nutella recipes. Maybe Nutella and meatballs?

1 comment:

becky said...

well, let your guy know that nutella world day is february 5th! :)

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