Monday, May 28, 2012

Red, White and Brews.

Happy Tuesday Loves, hope you all enjoyed a nice three day weekend. My weekend was filled with BBQ's with Kyle's and my family, a race, some sun and some cocktails. It was so nice to catch up with family members who I haven't yet seen since arriving back in New York. It was also very nice to get my second race under my belt, while it wasn't my best showing, it feels so great to just be out there doing my thing.
Now it's back to business, Kyle and I are working on some things, which requires a lot of brainstorming and research but it is nothing this girl can't handle. I'm so excited for the things to come but also focusing on life's sweet things, like the iced caramel macchiato I am currently enjoying.
Have a great day, go out and conquer it! Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Notes: Dress (, last year), Sunglasses (Ray Ban Jackie Ohh's), Watch (Michael Kors) A huge thanks to my hairstylist Melanie, who did an amazing job on my ombré color, I've gotten nothing but compliments.

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