Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gains and Losses.

There are Pro's and Con's wherever you live and while I was beyond excited to get back to New York City living, there are plenty of things I'll miss about living in France. However, there are also plenty of things I'm looking forward to enjoying while I'm home in New York.

What I'll miss is France:

Loaves upon loaves of fresh bakery bread, especially croissants
Sunday morning trips to the Farmer's Market
Traditional French breakfast
Amazing bottles of wine for only 3-4€
French Pastries
Confit de Canard (Duck)
The quietness of Limoges
Authentic Italian Food (Donna Sarah)
Weekend trips to Paris and Bordeaux

What I'm looking forward to in New York:

STARBUCKS (You all knew that was definitely going to be first on the list.)
Afternoons at Barnes and Noble
Early morning runs in Clove Lakes Park
Fashion Magazines in English
Sunday's with my Family
Shopping Malls (Menlo Park, Short Hills, Roosevelt Field I need you in my life!)
Watching shows the actual day they are on.
Going to the movies
Speaking in English on a daily basis
Our Apartment
CVS Pharmacy (I could go broke there)
Having New York City at my fingertips
Endless noise

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