Monday, May 14, 2012

My Year in France.

Happy Monday, I hope everyone had a great weekend and you're ready to tackle the new week. I am only in France for a couple of more days, I head back to New York on Thursday. The next couple of days I will be busy packing, getting my life in order and saying goodbye to a place I've called home for the better part of the year.

When I first found out we were moving to France I had mixed feelings, I was extremely excited and also a little nervous. I was nervous for the wrong reasons and I soon realized that what I was nervous about really didn't exist. As an American I was told that the French may not be so nice to me, and I found that to be utterly false, and I felt bad for going in with the attitude that the people of France were going to dislike me because I was American.  I learned quickly that the French are really great people. Especially the people of Limoges, who welcomed Kyle and I in with open arms and have been extremely kind and helpful from day one. So I apologize for my ignorance.

Overall it was an amazing year, sure Kyle and I had our bad days, missing New York and our family but for the first time living abroad we finally felt like we were living in the moment, fully taking advantage of the opportunities given to us living in another country, not many people get that opportunity.

If I can carry one phrase with me from France it would be, "Joie de vivre", which means the enjoyment of life. Living in Limoges, France taught me how to fully enjoy the moments in life, some big moments, like getting our puppy Wooden to watching Kyle achieve the perfect game, and then there are the smaller moments, like enjoying a glass of wine, an amazing piece of duck and great conversation with my love. These are moments I'll cherish forever and have made my story a more interesting one.

Who knows if my chapter in France is closed forever, I have a feeling there will definitely be a part two and I am excited about that.

Here is a look back at my year in France. (All pictures were taken with my NikonD3000)


Sandy Mei said...

I loved your year in photos! It looked like an absolute dream! but glad to have you back!

Amy said...

Dear Meg,
We've been so happy to welcome you in Limoges ! Happy but also honoured to welcome such a nice couple! You think people in Limoges have been nice with you but you can be sure it is because YOU have been kind with everybody !
People in Limoges are just great...towards great people !
Hope so much to see you back in September (fingers crossed) but anyway now I know your blog I will definitely go on reading it !!! I love it ! Thanks for all !
Wish you the best !

Meggie said...

Thanks so much Sandy! It was a great year.

Sorry it took me a few days to get back to you, I've been busy packing.

Your words are so kind, thank you so much. We really had such a great year here in Limoges and who knows maybe we will be back next year, I sure wouldn't mind. Limoges has become a second home to us. Thank you again for reading, keep in touch.


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