Wednesday, May 9, 2012

La Bella Vita.

I know we are in France and the title of today's post is in Italian but after the dinner we had last night at our go to Italian restaurant Donna Sarah in Limoges, that is the phrase that comes to mind. It was Kyle's cousins last day in Limoges so we headed out for a great meal. 

Living overseas Kyle and I have learned the art of living the beautiful life and that is enjoying the simple pleasures that life has to offer, such as an amazing meal and great conversation with friends. We had such a nice time at the restaurant that we didn't realize that we were the last table and they were closing up shop around us. It's moments like that make you realize how beautiful life is. 

Have a great Wednesday.
Kyle and I about to enjoy a night out in Limoges. 

Thomas and Jaime, by the way don't you just love Jaime's pants! Simply Vera. 

The delicious caprese salad from our favorite Italian spot, Donna Sarah.

Amazing Margarita Pizza. 

Jaime took a risk and ordered something that we weren't sure what the translation was, we had a great laugh when the waiter brought out squid ink pasta. I gave her props for eating it. 

It looks like she is on Fear Factor. 

Kyle's Cafe Gourmand, yummy. 

My Limone, which is sorbet with limoncello, so refreshing.
Notes: H&M Hot Pink Blazer, BCBG Generation V-Neck. (If you haven't learned by now, I'm a sucker for white t-shirts, hence the "TEES" in the blog name.)

You can follow me on my 30 Day Body Rock Challenge by visiting Project Run, each day I post my workout results. 


Laure said...

Very Good Choice ^^
My favourite italian restaurant in Limoges

Meggie said...

It is delicious, their food is always amazing!

Thanks for reading.


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